Maternity Leaflets

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Leaflet NameReview dateAction
Advice and guidance after ending a pregnancy for fetal abnormality a401/11/2022 
Advice and guidance following an early neonatal death A401/11/2022 
Advice to Donors about Expressing and Handling Donor Milk at Home A401/01/2022 
Antenatal Expression of Colostrum A401/10/2022 
Caesarean Birth - Your Anaesthetic A401/09/2020 
Contraceptive choices after having a baby A401/04/2023 
Discharge home information for babies who are Breastfed A401/08/2021 
Discharge hone information for babies who are Bottle Fed A401/08/2021 
Donor Breast Milk - Your Questions Answered a401/01/2022 
Ferinject A401/03/2023 
Gestational Diabetes – Information for you A401/05/2021 
Glocose Tolerance Test A401/05/2021 
Going Home and Undertaking Intermitten Self Catheterisation01/07/2022 
Group B Streptococcus (GBS) and Pregnancy A401/05/2021 
Important information if your baby is breech A401/10/2023 
Induction of Labour at Home A401/07/2022 
Information about Induction of Labour01/07/2022 
Jaundice in newborn babies Information for parents and carers A401/11/2021 
Joint Diabetes/Endocrine 01/10/2021 
Low Dose Aspirin in Pregnancy A401/05/2023 
Mothers Discharge Home Information A401/01/2021 
Pain Relief during pregnancy and after birth A401/06/2022 
Practical Advice and Guidance following a late miscarriage01/11/2022 
Practical Advice following a stillbirth A401/11/2022 
Pre-Assessment Clinics for Caesarean Section A401/05/2022 
Pre-eclampsia information for you A401/02/2021 
The Latent Phase of Labour A401/10/2022 
Vitamin K for Babies (Important Information for Parents) A401/02/2022 
Waters broken but not in labour A401/07/2022 
Where would you like your baby to be born – home, birth centre or labour ward? A401/07/2021 
Why your weight matters in Pregnancy A401/06/2022 
Your Caesarean Birth Information for Parents A401/06/2022 
Your milk can help save a baby’s life A401/01/2022